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     The little Beach Cottage is located in Southern California.The home owner asked for the following:

  1. 1) “sand and water effect.

  2. 2)  At times the sun feels so bright that when she enters her home she would like to feel like she is in the shade.

3) And above all keep it elegant and comfortable/casual.

The solution:

No rugs in the summer time to keep that cool feeling. And when sandy feet come in it’s easy to sweep.  I Incorporated  all her paintings and her existing sofa into the new design plan. A three color,color scheme consisting of blue,coral,and sand colors where in the planes,notice the sandy walls,sky blue ceiling and coral accents.

  The guest bedroom had 360 degree clear story windows.

The Guest Room

The 360 degree clear story windows room, called for a bright and fun beach room.The color inspiration came from the garden that the room over looks.

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