The Chief would drape the thick wool cloak

over his shoulders to keep himself warm.

The blankets where all hand weaved. Notice the edges how  beautifully uneven they may be. The design, colors and technique may give us some evidence as to the region and time frame the blankets where made, but not how many people may have worked on one blanket (taking turns) nor their names.

I adore how the variations of the design on one end maybe a bit different from the other side. I call that the human factor.

Notice the White lines do they have a meaning or is it  a personal expression

I have always admired the art forms of the Native American. I like to take a moment and admire  the pride, talent and love that the craftsperson put into each piece and every piece resulting in a masterpiece that maybe enjoyed for many years to come. would a Native American textile be something you may want to pass as a heirloom to your future generations?.....

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And some rugs had fewer textile variations s in the finial piece.

Do you have a

favorite one yet?

Notice the difference from one end to the other?